3D Flash Sports Online Game [Bear Open Tennis]

Bear Open Tennis is an amazingly cool online sport game made with Adobe® Flash®. Bear, a tennis player character of a bear, plays a tennis singles match with the opponent bear on the center court in the forest.

Instructions [How to Play the Game]

Select the level of the match, based on the skill of the opponent bear, on the opening title and start the match.

During stroke-rallies, place mouse pointer at the aiming position on the court to run close to the ball. Press mouse button to take a backswing, and keep it pressed until the power of the stroke(the "POWER" indicator placed on the upper-right corner of the game window) is built. And release it to hit the ball.

For serve, mouse-click once on the game window to toss up the ball. Immediately press mouse-button again to build the power of serve and release it to hit the ball as ground-strokes.

A match consists of a single set, and the player, who wins six games first, wins the match. No tie-break game is held even if the match is close.